Sport Payout aka Sport Bet Calculator

oddsFire's Payout calculator tool calculates the total payout per team per event based off of an amount (ex: $100). The tool shows the payout you would get on each team (Note: Payout numbers include the original wager). Use the payout calculator to see what your selected amount turns into for upcoming games, so you can always get in on the action.

Set Title

Title located at the top heading of the widget panel. Characters limit: 30

Define number of Entries

Number of upcoming events to be shown.

Select a Sport

The target Sport to be used when retrieving the event.

Select a Market

The type of bets (Moneyline, Spread or Total) to be used when retrieving the event. Only one type can be selected per widget.

Insert Wager Amounts

Amounts (in US$) to be displayed to the user. There is a maximum of 4 amounts allowed. Amounts are separated by a comma. If only one amount is configured, the widget will present that amount as a single label. If more than one are configured, user will be able to test different options according to his like.

Define Default Wager Amount

Referral Link (If Applicable)

URL is used to indicate the destination URL when clicking a FD CTA