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FanDuel Sharpstack Optimizer

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Sharpstack looks historically to see how players at different lineup spots and positions perform together and then specializes that for each team and roster. If the number two hitter does well, it is much more likely that the number three hitter has a good game and the team pitcher is more likely to win. Sharpstack takes these historical relationships and uses them to generate smart simulations for whatever slate you may be playing. We simulate your slate tens of thousands of times to see how it could possibly play out. Then, we pull the top lineup from each simulation and compare these against one another to find the best lineups over time. This way, you are maximizing your chances of winning by seeing which lineups were the best over all of the simulations (this can be based either on finishing position of the lineup, or expected points scored).

Once you have ​a slate, you're ready to start generating lineups. Select the number of lineups to generate (up to 150) and click ​Generate Lineups​. This will post 150 of the top lineups from the simulations for that slate. Each player in the lineup will show the numberFire projected fantasy points and how many fantasy points that player scored in the simulated slate. For single game, we will also show you who the MVP should be for 2x bonus points and All-Star should be for 1.5x bonus points.

At the very bottom, you will find a summary table that shows the average fantasy points scored by each player in the simulations, that player's exposure (what percent of the optimal lineups is that player in), and MVP percent (what percent of the lineups was that player selected as the MVP). This is extremely useful for building your own lineups as it shows the top players to choose for the slate.

You also have the option of generating one random simulated lineup by clicking ​Random Lineup​. This does not guarantee to be one of the best lineups possible, but it means in that one simulation, it was the best lineup available. Browse your lineups -- decide if there are specific players you would like to lock in or exclude, then regenerate new lineups. As with our other tools, you can always see your locked in and excluded players at the top of the page. Be aware, however, if you have too many restrictions in terms of locking in players or excluding players, you may not generate the full number of requested lineups (or any lineups at all).​

Finally, you have the option to export your generated lineups in CSV format for uploading to a DFS contest.

Currently, this is only available for FanDuel, but long term we will release all slates across sites.

FP refers to projected fantasy points. Sim FP refers to the simulated fantasy points when that lineup was the top lineup in the simulation.

Exposure is the percentage of lineups in which that player appears.

MVP % is the percentage of lineups in which that player was selected as the MVP.

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MLB DFS Optimal Lineup
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