This heat map is intended to help you decide which games may be best for selecting players for your daily fantasy lineup. Narrowing down which games to target in daily fantasy football is no small task.

You will still need to implement your own strategies while filling out your lineups. It won't tell you which players to use from each game, as each of your thought processes will differ here, but it can help you know which teams are ripe for the picking.

Only games between two FBS teams are included in this table.

O/U is the total expected points scored by both teams according to Vegas. The higher the number, the more scoring we expect to see.

Spread is the expected winning margin for the favored team. A negative number means that team is favored, while a positive number means the team is an underdog.

Implied Total is the expected points scored for each individual team, based on the spread and over/under.

Passing/Rushing is the adjusted passing or rushing yards for each team (and against each opponent). This can be used to show if a team is better or worse at passing/rushing and if their opponent is particularly good or bad against the pass/rush.

Pass/Run is the ratio of pass plays to run plays on offense for the team and their opponent. A number over one means the team passes more than rushes and a number under one means they rush more than pass.

Plays Per Game is the average number of plays per game for a team and their opponent.

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