Racing Terms

Across the Board

Refers to betting on a horse to finish first, second, and third to cover any of those scenarios happening during a race

Daily Double

A wager on two consecutive races on the card where bettors have to pick both winners.

Dead Heat

Two or more horses finishing so close at the wire, that they were unable to be separated on a photo finish and deemed to have tied.


A bet selecting the first and second horses in a race in the correct order. An exacta box refers to paying a little more to ensure they can finish in either order.

Minus Pool

A pari-mutuel pool – typically a show pool - where one horse is so heavily bet that after deductions there is not enough money left to cover the prescribed minimum on each bet.

Morning Line

An approximation of expected odds in a race, quoted before actual odds are determined.


A horse going off at higher odds than his recent efforts show that he deserves.


A pool style wagering system, where all money input through betting is divided among those with winning tickets (save for various deductions by the track operators).


A horse is a scratch when injury or other necessity causes it to be withdrawn from the race.

Show Wager

Betting on a horse to finish in the first three spots, which pays out the same whether they win or run second or third.


The officials watching every race at a meet to enforce the rules.


A wager involving choosing the first, second, third, and fourth horses in one race in the exact order. A superfecta box involves paying more to ensure they can finish in any order in the top four spots.

Track Bias

The term used to identify which parts of the track or running styles are producing more winners.


A wager picking the first, second and third horses in the exact order. A trifecta box means paying more to ensure the horses can finish in any order in the top three spots.


A horse that is going off at lower odds than it deserves based on performance.

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